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Relaxing Music
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Welcome to Music relaxation, the finest free relaxing music on the web since 1996
Our selection of mp3 are guaranteed to help you reduce stress.
The music and sounds on our mp3s have been carefully selected and mixed to produce beautifully calming "soundscapes". There are no melodies to grow tired of, no changing styles, beats or rhythms - just consistently soothing sounds of nature with tranquil, slowly changing harmonies.

Musics for relieving:
From immemorial times , one recognized the therapeutic effect of the music.
The Old ones and the traditional cultures regarded it as a crowned science.
Leading you beyond the sphere of the daily life, these compositions guide you on the path of interior blooming.
These titles do not contain any subliminal message and are only made up of sounds and melodies.
We recommend you play these compositions 30 minutes per day during three weeks in while relaxing,  then  listen to them for three months during your relieving, with work, or any other activity.
The titles published here are unique in their kind. Sounds are selected carefully, and the effects are very beneficial.

The titles of series FLEX contain, in addition to natural sounds,  specific frequencies resulting in reducing the cerebral frequencies. Series FLEX support relieving and the creativity.

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