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Alpha Meditation, mp3 download

Alpha Meditation,  mp3 download

Product Information
Alpha Meditation is a relaxation exercise which lasts more than 25 minutes.
It was composed carefully to bring you an experience of deep relaxation, as if you had meditated for years.
The following track consists of relaxation both physicaly and mentaly
- Polyphonic sound, rich in harmonics, which includes several 'voices', as in the songs of American Indians and the songs of shamans.
- A binaural beat which will serve as a 'guide' to relax your mind
- The sounds of Tibetan bells Tingsha to maintain your awareness level close to enlightenment, while being deeply relaxed.
- The deep sounds that appear to regular time to enrich your experience of alpha meditation.

The benefits you will gain by listening with headphones, the long title of relaxation are:
- A deep relaxation
- A slower heart beat
- As with meditation exercises, you help your body strengthen your immune system
- For the lucky, or if you repeat this exercise regularly, you can even reach a level of altered consciousness  and  experience new sensations (numbness of the limbs, feelings of expansion of your consciousness ...)

There are no known contraindications against the use of this relaxation exercise.
It contains no subliminal message or suggestion, the altered state of consciousness which you access is induced by the sound frequencies.
Please note: you should NEVER listen to this exercise when you are prompted to perform an activity that requires your attention (like driving for example).

Listen to this meditation exercise:


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